About Us

logo_homeAlmost 40 years ago, the residents of Little Gables lived in a neighborhood that was deteriorating in quality. Developers wanted to turn the part of Le Jeune Road that runs through Little Gables into a commercial strip. The only service received from the County was garbage pick-up. And when residents called the Miami-Dade Police Department, the police were surprised to learn that the Little Gables area was their responsibility. Time and time again, Little Gables seemed to fall through the cracks. Being neither the City of Coral Gables nor Miami, Little Gables is part of unincorporated Miami-Dade County, even though it is miles from the rest of the unincorporated area. In response to this disappointing state of the neighborhood, a group of concerned Little Gables residents decided to take control of the situation by forming the Little Gables Neighborhood Association (“LGNA”). By speaking out and working as a group, the Association began to see results in the form of physical improvements in the neighborhood and more of the services that our tax dollars were paying for. Over the years, LGNA’s actions have improved the quality of our neighborhood, protected our property values and increased the security of all who live here. Every Little Gables resident benefits from the work of the Association and everyone should support LGNA. Do your part by attending meetings, making suggestions and/or volunteering your time, services or expertise. But most importantly, become an LGNA member. For only $25.00 a year per household, you can help assure that your neighborhood continues to be a safe residential area and that your investment in your home continues to grow as well! Join LGNA today!

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